Welcome  to my website dedicated (mostly) to my Triumph engined BSA known as a Tribsa.


When talking about Triumph engined specials most people tend to think of the mighty Triton. The Tribsa, in comparison, has always seemed like its poorer cousin lacking that certain 'caché'.


However, to me the combination of stunning Triumph engine in a curvy pre-unit BSA frame and tasteful cycle parts has always looked right.

Although a Tribsa could be made to look like a Triton, I wanted to create something a bit different. A street bike/cruiser that looked as though it could have come from the factory. The bike that perhaps BSA/Triumph should have made. The opportunity to do this came along in 1984 and has led to a long on-off-then-on again affair with a very special bike.


Here's the story ...

The story behind the
rebuilds of my Triumph engined BSA special
Trident T150 

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