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The first rebuild pt2

My bedroom slowly filled up with boxes of new, refurbished, painted and chromed parts. It took about 8 years to get to this stage! Then it finally got to point where I had just about everything needed to do a complete rebuild. Taking all those as new and shiny parts out of the boxes was like Christmas!

It seems incredible to me now that I had the best part of the bike built in a weekend, although I guess it must have taken a couple of weeks to really complete it. The bike looked absolutely stunning. It could have come straight out of a showroom.
















But, and here’s the strange thing, the whole thing turned out to be a bit of an anti-climax. Yes, it got admiring looks and complimentary comments everywhere I went. Even filling up in the garage was embarrassing as people would linger in their cars after refuelling and wait for me start it up. Trouble is, by now, I’d had a diet of modern Japanese bikes. Riding the Tribsa with it’s beautiful but meagre 34bhp engine and antiquated brakes was a bit of a disappointment. It handled well but it seemed all noise and no go. So, after having a small featurette in Classic bike in May 1993 I decided to trade it it for one of the new Triumph Sprints. And I thought that would be the last I would see of her.


But little did I know that the Tribsa was to come back into my life in a way that, statistically, was so unlikely that only fate could have taken a hand!

1993 and all finished and very shiny
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