Triump T150 1000cc Special

And so it starts!​

The brief is to basically build a Triumph T150, but with knobs on!

I want to do a styling job a bit like the TRIBSA, as I think the original styling is a bit staid. So I'll be adding Suzuki GS1000 twin disk forks, Hinckley Triumph rear mudguard, grab rail, indicators and fuel tank. Perhaps a custom made seat to blend better with the tank than an original. Hyde footrest kit and bespoke exhaust system. Overall, I'm going to go for a 'darker' feel with satin black hubs, wheel rims and fork sliders and a dark blue paint job with custom tank and panel transfers. The bike must look like it came from the factory. I don't want it to look like an obvious special.


In the engine department I'm going all out for a Neil Beadling 1000cc big bore kit with smoothbore carbs. I'm not going to race, but just want a strong, torquey road bike for two up riding on the Rye marshes.

First job is to get alterations made to fit non-standard parts to the frame. So the almost new 2018 Hinckley Bonneville fuel tank needs to be cut to fit the frame as it sits at the wrong angle and too high up. The Suzuki fork yokes need to be adapted as well. I will also need brackets added for the rear mudguard, grab rail, rear master cylinder and reservoir. I may also need to re-position the oil cooler.

While the frame is away I strip the wheel hubs. I get quotes for the wheel builds, including tyres. Comes in at a massive £850!!!

Already I feel this is going to be the most expensive bike build I've done to date....

When the wheels come back I have to say I really like them. Glad I went the satin black look this time rather than chrome. Just need to fit the bearings and discs then I'll move on to the forks.

Forks are stripped down and the sliders sent off for powder coating. The stanchions, although good, are sent off to check for straightness and to be re-hard-chromed. New seals, dust caps and valves are ordered from CMSNL and a rather tasty fork brace soured from FASTEC.

A bit of a gamble, but it looks like after some cutting of the modern Triumph tank it will actually fit the frame nicely. Note Suzuki fork yokes already adapted and fitted.

Suzuki front hub internals are shot! Rear T160 hub is new.

Worth £850? They do look the business. Fitting of bearings and discs finishes them off a treat.

Front fork forks ready to be stripped

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